Recap Royals vs. Mariners 7-27

Mommy, when I grow up, I want to actually Win a Royals game.

So I continue my daily rant about Flat-footed playing today with a new addition.  “Yosting.”  The Royals are now “Yosting” through the month of July with a series of nonchalant hitting schemes, lame-duck relief pitching, and consistently terrible starting pitching.

1) Yost’s horrific approach to the game has pushed the hitters into a new frame of mind.  There is little to no momentum for the hitters to feed off of.  They are mentally exhausted from constantly holding their heads high day in and day out while the starting pitching digs their hole to China during the first three innings of each and every ball game.  Tonight’s game was no different.


2) The effectiveness of the relief staff is useless.  What’s the point?  This team doesn’t need ’em.  They don’t deserve to be treated as poorly as this.  If this relief staff were on any other team, they’d receive nothing but praise by fans nationwide.  Instead, they’ve become irrelevant.  What’s worse, is the “Yosting” is now wearing on them.  It’s hard to mentally prepare yourself to enter a lost cause where your offense and defense is 100% supportive but not mentally able to do so.  Let’s demote Hochevar into the bullpen and release Guthrie.  If we’re going to have struggling, let’s have useful struggling.

Still “Yosting.”

3) Gutherie was anything but inspiring in this first three innings of work.  He gave up three runs the first and two runs in the second, sad yet all to familiar site for this team.  Seven hits and one hit batsmen through two innings of work.  What was Ned Yost’s reaction?  Leave him in there and let’s see what happens.

Think about it…what has he done to fix this issue?  I can’t think of anything other than start another terrible pitcher in place of Sanchez.  I can almost picture it in my head, “Let’s trade our worst pitcher since Chad Durbin for someone equally as bad.  THAT’LL TEACH ‘EM.”

“Yosing” all the way.

How about sending a sign to the starting pitching.  Either get your act together or go home.  Yost needs to grow  a backbone and say enough is enough.  Take out the starter before the game get’s out of hand.  Let EVERY pitcher on that team know that this is unacceptable.  Let’s make an example and end this nonsense.  This horrendous pitching is occurring because it’s been allowed to continue.

Tonight’s game Recap is quick and easy.

Billy Butler continues to show he can endure anything and remain strong mentally as he had two more base hits tonight despite Yost’s ineptitude.  But every other offensive at-bat looks like the Royals are practicing for a Whiffle Ball Home-Run Derby. Someone needs to man up and tell this offense they can’t win the game on their shoulders.  One player is not going to do it alone by swinging for the fences and hitting a home-run in each at-bat. Even if one player succeeded with a dinger in each at-bat the Royals still would have lost tonight.  The further they slip into this mentality, the harder it will be for the team to climb out of this canyon of a hole for NEXT year.

We’re doing nothing to help Hosmer.  Get him out of this mess and away from Yost.  He needs to go to Omaha where they can help him better mentally.  You can’t fix holes in a swing until the mental deficiencies are taken care of.  Francouer?  Why. Is. He. Still. Playing?  Because the team is “Yosting.”  Wil Myers would have done just as bad as Francouer if not better AND it would have given both the players and fans a spark to WANT to watch. Francouer continued his streak of swinging for the fences and missing today.

I think I’m going to be a pirate until at least 4:10 this afternoon because the only thing I have left to say is, “Argh, We’re Yosting Baby.”


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